Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments
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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

Should You Stop Seeing a Chiropractor if Your Back Feels Better?

Lucas Watts

If you've been visiting a chiropractor to treat your back pain, you may be encouraged and pleased with your body's response to treatment. Although chiropractic therapies can't fully cure all types of back pain, it is effective for a broad range of people.

But if you're feeling relief, you may wonder whether you need to continue chiropractic treatment. Will stopping this treatment cause your body to revert to its pre-treatment state, or should you be able to reap the rewards of chiropractic indefinitely? Read on to learn more about when you may want to continue regular chiropractic visits. 

What Happens When You Stop Chiropractic?

At each chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor will carefully manipulate your spine and neck to remove any subluxations, the scar tissue, and other structural issues that can disrupt the free flow of nerve signals from your spinal cord to your brain. During the outset of treatment, you may be instructed to come to the chiropractor several times per week so that more serious subluxations can be broken up over time. But as your treatment progresses, you may continue to experience a decrease in pain, even as the time between your visits is extended.

Most chiropractors recommend that clients keep to some sort of ongoing adjustment schedule, even if visits occur as seldom as once every couple of months. The wear and tear of daily living can wreak havoc on the spinal vertebrae, and even after you feel better, you could still be vulnerable to future spinal pain and problems. Without these regular adjustments, some chiropractors warn, your progress may be undone and you could end up having to start all over again with the same pain levels you experienced when you first sought treatment. 

How Can You Decide Whether to Continue with Treatment? 

If you're still on the fence about continuing with chiropractic, discuss your concerns with your chiropractor. He or she may be able to offer you some exercises to do at home or even refer you to physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles that hold your spine in place. 

In other cases, you may decide to continue follow-up appointments on an "as needed" basis. This will ensure that you can be quickly seen and treated if you wake up one day with back pain, and may be all that's needed to keep your spine in good working condition going forward. By discussing your concerns and questions with services like Davison Chiropractic, you can be in a better position to make an informed decision.