Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments
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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

How A Chiropractor Might Help Your Back Pain Caused By A Fall

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A fall can have serious consequences for your back. Whether you land on your back or stop the fall with your hands, you back can be injured from the impact with the ground and twisting of your body. You could have damage to the bones or muscles and have painful spasms. You shouldn't ignore back pain from an injury because you want your back to heal properly and quickly so you can get back to work. See a chiropractor soon after your fall so you can begin treatment. Here are some things the chiropractor may do to help your back.

Evaluate Your Injury

You may need to have imaging tests done to rule out broken bones. When you have muscle spasms, you may experience sharp pain that makes you think you have a fractured bone. Your chiropractor will assess your condition to find out the extent of your injury so the best treatment can be given.

Advise On Home Treatments

Depending on the circumstances of your fall, you might have a lot of swelling and bruising on your back or you might have frequent back spasms. In the first few days after your fall, the chiropractor may be most concerned with pain relief. He or she may offer home treatment advice such as using ice to reduce swelling and suggestions for gentle exercises that keep you from getting stiff muscles.

Provide Spinal Treatments

Treatments in the clinic may be focused on helping your pain through massage, ultrasound treatments, or other therapies. Gentle spinal manipulations may be given to help your spine move back into alignment to end irritation of your nerves and reduce muscle spasms. Your chiropractor may provide spinal adjustments or manipulate your spine by positioning your body in a certain way on a treatment table. Healing from a back injury after a fall may take several weeks because pain may not go away completely until inflammation and tissue injury heal. Your chiropractor may recommend you have multiple treatments during that time to guide the healing of your back so you reduce the risk of having long-term damage and chronic back pain.

A back injury that affects your spine can cause pain in your hips, legs, neck, and shoulders since an affected nerve travels from your spine to your extremities. When you have pain after a fall, you should have your back evaluated and treated so you can stay active on the job and at home. Back pain can limit your movement and impact your life so getting the right treatment can make a difference in how you feel and function while you heal. Contact a clinic, like Fick Chiropractic Centers Inc, for more help.