Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments
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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Lucas Watts

Pregnancy places specific stresses on a woman's body that can cause various sections of the skeletal system to become misaligned.

This not only can lead to back and joint pain but also can affect overall health and inhibit the ability to produce a natural delivery of the unborn child. This is a perfect match for the benefits of treatment by a chiropractor.

What is the function of a chiropractor?

Chiropractors use manual manipulation to realign the spinal column when it is forced out of alignment because of physical stressors such as pregnancy.

Why would pregnancy cause the spine to become misaligned?

The weight of the unborn baby can place undue stress on the back as a pregnancy develops. Posture may also change as a woman attempts to adjust to the changes in her body and her protruding belly, resulting in a curving of the spine.

The pelvis may become unbalanced as it adapts to accommodate the growing baby.

What are the possible effects of a misalignment of the spine and pelvis?

Persistent back and neck pain may accompany stress to the spine. Severe pain in the lower body may also result from irritation of the sciatic nerve, which extends from the lower spine to the feet. Misalignment of the vertebra can also cause irritation of the spinal cord, the nerves that transmit impulses from the brain to all areas of the body.

This can inhibit the brain's ability to respond to stresses and threats to overall health and may also contribute to the nausea associated with pregnancy.

If the pelvis becomes unbalanced, there is less room for the baby to grow and to position itself for a natural delivery. This may increase the chance of the need for an intervention and a caesarian delivery.

Are chiropractors trained to treat pregnant women?

All licensed chiropractors are trained to treat women during pregnancy. They will use only techniques that do not place stress in the abdomen.

Instruction is only provided in stretching techniques and exercises that are safe to perform during pregnancy.

Some chiropractors have special tables to accommodate the bodies of pregnant women, and some have received advanced training in specific issues such as pelvic balancing and alignment during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and want the benefits provided by chiropractic care, you can choose to go to your regular chiropractor if you have one or to practitioners with various levels of training. All of them should be ready and able to deal with the challenges to your body presented by pregnancy.

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