Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments
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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

How Can Massage Therapy Help After A Car Accident?

Lucas Watts

If you experience a musculoskeletal injury during a car accident, you may be experiencing a lot of residual car accident pain and stiffness. Getting chiropractic massage therapy after an injury can provide a lot of relief. Here are some reasons to add massage therapy to your injury treatment plan. 

Helping to Improve Range of Motion and Mobility

The first reason that chiropractic massage therapy can be beneficial to a car accident injury is that it will help to increase your range of motion. Musculoskeletal injuries can cause a lot of swelling that may create scar tissue, and this will affect your mobility in the area going forward. Aside from doing range of motion exercises prescribed by your primary care provider, you may want to incorporate massage in order to keep the muscles loosened; this can help your stretches to go even further. 

Easing Pain

A lot of pain can result from muscles that are tight and overextended in an injury. Massage therapy can help to ease car accident pain by increasing circulation through an area of trauma and improving muscle tone to relieve additional stress on the area. 

Making Muscles and Bones Easier to Manipulate

Your chiropractor or physiotherapist may need to do several different manipulations of your bones and muscles during treatment. These exercises will work best if your muscles are loosened ahead of time. For instance, if your treatment involves chiropractic adjustment, then massage therapy can loosen your muscles so that it's easier for your doctor to make the necessary adjustments with little force. You may want to have your massages coincide with scheduled appointments with your chiropractor or physiotherapist. Just be sure to let your doctor know about any massage treatments, since they may affect the types of treatment and the amount of pressure your practitioner uses to stretch your muscles. 

Improving Muscle Tone and Evenness

Finally, if your injury involved any torn muscle tissue, you may experience some difficulties with maintaining your muscle tone in an even fashion. One side of the body might become much stronger than the other, for instance, if your injury was mainly on one side of the body. This can place strain on your whole body, as the stronger side of your body beings to compensate for the weaker side and the whole system is thrown out of alignment. Since this type of muscle unevenness can set you up for injury, it's a good idea to get massage therapy to loosen the tighter muscle groups.