Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments
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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

3 Treatments For Chronic Migraines

Lucas Watts

If you have problems with migraines, you know that a migraine can take control of your life and interrupt your day. If you suffer from chronic migraines, there are several things that you can do. 

Control Medications

There are certain control medications that you can take to help deal with your migraines. Some of those medications you can take when the migraine starts to set in. You may have to take those meds more than once during the course of your migraine to help get rid of it. There are other medications that you may be able to take on a daily basis to help prevent a migraine from even forming. 


Botox is used for more than just trying to control wrinkles; it is also used as a preventative medication for migraines. Instead of having to take a pill every day or take one when the migraine sets in, you will go see a doctor to get a treatment about every 12 weeks or so. The doctor will give you a shot in certain points in your head and neck. Many people have gotten a lot of relief from using Botox as a treatment for their migraines. 


Chiropractic treatment has been a successful treatment option for many people who have chronic migraines. The treatment is generally a preventative one, which means it helps to prevent migraines from even starting. Some people may also choose to go see their chiropractor in an acute situation, meaning when they have a headache. 

A chiropractor will treat you by using a series of stretches and adjustments that will help to keep your spine in alignment. Before your chiropractor does any kind of treatment for you, they will get your history, including how many days you have migraines. They will also evaluate your neck and spine to see if they are in proper alignment. If they aren't, that can cause stress on your neck which can lead to migraines and tension headaches. You will probably have to go see you chiropractor a few times in order for the treatments to really start to show results, and you may have to go see your chiropractor on a regular basis to continue to get the benefits of the treatment. 

If you have chronic migraines, you are probably willing to try most anything in order to get rid of your headaches. There are several treatments which you may find give you some relief.