Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments
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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

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Understanding Chiropractic Tests and Treatments

3 Alternative Asthma Therapies

Lucas Watts

Although it is never recommended that you forego a physician's recommendation about how to go about treating your asthma, there are a few "alternative" asthma therapies that can work in conjunction with your prescription medication and other forms of treatment that your doctor recommends to you. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn a bit about some alternative asthma therapies and how they can help treat your ailment.

Dietary Concerns

It is imperative that you change up your diet if you suffer from the onslaught of asthma. Diets that include foods that are anti-inflammatory can help ameliorate the effects of your asthma. Consider a diet that revolves around Mediterranean cuisine, as its anti-inflammatory properties can help decrease swelling and inflammation of your bronchial tubes. Mediterranean cuisine often consists of bright veggies and fruits. Fish is also a staple of a Mediterranean diet. If you wish to decrease the amount of pain that your asthma delivers, you may wish to cut back on various dairy products and heavy meats. These foodstuffs can serve to cause inflammation of the bronchial tubes.


Studies have shown that, given time, acupuncture therapy can positively affect those who suffer from asthma. How does acupuncture work? It is a Chinese medical and spiritual practice whereby needles are inserted into the body, which purportedly redirects energy throughout. The areas surrounding the lungs, kidneys, and stomach are usually the focus of acupuncture therapy. This involves placing needles in these area to redirect your "qi" – a sort of representation of the primal energies that flow throughout your body.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can go a long way towards ameliorating the effects of your asthma. Many massage therapists even work frequently with clients who suffer from asthma. For these massage therapists, the standard procedure usually involves offering a deep tissue massage to the areas around the neck, as well as the rib cage. This will serve to open up your nasal passages, as well as the the passages that lead to your lungs. It can also work towards decreasing stress, both physically and psychologically. This can help with the issue of inflammation. Contact a clinic like Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic to learn more.

This brief article should have given you some idea of how to bolster and work in combination with methods recommended by your doctors towards helping decrease your asthma symptoms. As usual, it is in your best interest to ask your physician about these alternative therapies and if they will impede the use of medication or mainstream therapy.